Thursday, July 19, 2007

Probation prefect's traning finally ends!!

Woohoooo~!! Finally it ends!!! I'm so happy it finally ends!!! i hate the 'Pengawas Pelatih' tag clipping on my collar.. >"<

Yesterday during 1st period, Exco Punishment came to my class and called up 2 probation prefects of mine which are very potential de to go to AVA room for a emergency meeting. And 1st time came to my mind was, owh.. im sure they're being chosen to become EXCO le.. i whispered to Pamela too.. at the same time, i was a little bit sad lor but not so sad la cause i noe my own capability on this exco prefect board.

Who knows... after a while, he returned again to my class and called me up~! Wheee... i was so shocked and of course excited lor but didnt show out lor.. hehezz.. when i went into the AVA room, i saw all my BB buddies were there too~! Cool~!! All four of us made it!! =) so happy den they announced our post and our headboy too

Yeah.. talk about our headboy, our headboy was a Stampin guy who just transferred to our school not more than 5 days and now he's holding the Headboy post. you know why? Because he's highly recommended from his past school teachers with many certs so our ex headboy n headgirl choosed him lor while he's just on traning for 4 days while other ppl including me oredi trained for a month.. wah.. >"< and of coz this decision had caused many trouble up among our own prefects lor.. Coz they keep saying that's a not fair decision..

Anyway, Now the decision had made and what i should do is give full support to my Headboy because he really faces a lot of stress now as he's new to our school and yet he also faces many critics and gossips from our greenians. I'll support him and help out this prefect board as much as i can! Good luck to me and him ba =)


3 Cute Aliens Shouted:

Blogger Benjamin shouted...

congrats 4 holdin dat exco post...hehe...

July 19, 2007 10:41 PM  
Blogger Hana shouted...

whatever....i think it's HIGHLY unfair that he shud be headboy and the girl exco just like that. I told my sis and some frens and they totally agree with me. It's like choosing an Afican for PM of Malaysia. Does not matter if he comes highly recommended. 5 days and 1 month is a big difference. He needs our support and frankly i dun see him getting any at the moment. bias i say. just becuz he was their friend. bah. at least nasha's head girl =D

July 20, 2007 1:56 PM  
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