Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Finally i'm back from PLKN

Phheeww.. it's been a long time i left Kuching, my hometown for a few months. I really miss Kuching so much. My friends, my families, my buddies, the foods and so on.... anyway, i would like to share some of my experience in PLKN. The first moment i reach the Camp which is called Kem Bukit Saban Resort. I was abit excited because the camp really looks abit like resort cause got a very big view of mountain, trees, lake....

During my registration, I was selected to go for Alpha Company while Lian Shen for Bravo Company and Zheng Ping for Delta Company. Three of us were being split into different companies. hahazz It's gonna have some fights between us! Oh Yes....

After the registration, i went to my Alpha Company rooms. There were 3 rooms for Alpha Company. 2 normal rooms which can allocate around 12 to 13 people each and 1 like rumah panjang which can allocate 20+ people. When i reached there, there's only left the one n the only unoccupied bed & locker. Then i'll just have to choose it altho i felt very uncomfortable cause i only see Malay and Lakia there and quite a few of empty bed cause those ppl i think they go walk around the camp after they reached. Bo pien.. =S Who knows, when everyone was in the room at the night, i found that there were quite plenty of chinese in the room. There were 7 out of 13! One Malay and the others were Lakia... Thanks God for giving me hope in this room and camp.. hahazz

Here is the picture of my room with my roommates and some other 'Aliens'..

After a few days, we started our activities like Flying Fox, Rempuh Halangan, Canoe, Rakit, Drill, M16 Machine Gun training etc..

During the M16 Machine Gun training, there were more than 10 soldiers went to our camp to teach us. They bought around 15 M16 machine guns for us. They taught us how to hold the gun, how to reload the bullets, how to aim and of coz how to shoot. There're many ways of shooting but we only learned the lying down style. Here's some examples.

yoyoyo.. im holding a real gun ler..

aiming target.... ready for action!

The second day, we will take our route with bus from Betong to 12 miles Ibu Pejabat Polis where all the police were trained at there to test our shooting skills. It took around 5 hours for the journey to the place and another 5 hours to go back to our camp. So long rite>? lolz

In the camp, i met plenty of friends from different town, city and kampung. It was quite a nice experience for me because the food over there was nice for the 1st 2 weeks and it become not nice after that because they're just repeating the schedule only. almost every week can eat the same thing.. =S but the gud thing is every lunch and dinner we got fruits like Watermelon, papaya, apple, pear, honeydew, orange, or pineapple.

hmm... im tired of writing those words liau.. i'll just post some other pictures to share with u all. =)

William, Janice, Karen & Me

Padawan Boy, Edwin & Me

My Last Day Breakfast, Laksa + Bread + Egg

Ah Bing & Me

My Roommates

Alice, Mon & Me

Chinese girls

Hip Hop teams

Modul Kenegaraan Kumpulan 1 - Rentap
(Kump 2, Siri 4/07)

Our Class banner

Me, Ah Siat, Melvin, William, Noel & Ah Chai

Till here then... hope to see you all soon =)

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