Monday, December 11, 2006

LAN Party~!

Hello guys, since so many ppl request again n again to hav a LAN Party at my huz, i decided to make a LAN Party at my house almost = open huz(lolzz).. Detail see below..

Date: 13 Dec 2006
Time: Flexible
Duration: Flexible
Overnite: Maximum 4 ppl

Who can join? Anyone as long as u dun mess up my huz and dun come my huz bising bising.

Hehz.. anyone wanna join please SMS/CALL me up @ 0168941332 or post yr reply here..



4 Cute Aliens Shouted:

Blogger Benjamin shouted... huz 2 far.....will join u sum other time when i hav my own car..hehe....

December 11, 2006 10:58 PM  
Blogger Wee-AK89 shouted...

seat #1: reserved

December 12, 2006 1:45 AM  
Anonymous hibiscus shouted...

wads a LAN party?

December 18, 2006 11:23 AM  
Blogger YeonG shouted...

LAN party means they all bring computer to my house and linked together and play some games or online together under a roof lor =)

December 19, 2006 11:22 AM  

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