Monday, October 30, 2006

Such a nice fellowship for me..

Yeah..>~!!! Today went for a fellowship to play bowling and yamcha after tat to chillout together with my friends. But i didnt call so much friend and we end up with---->:

Our Beautiful 'Da Jie', Miss. Jovynne Tan
Our Intelligent Host, Mr. Tiong Kat Yeong---> ME!
Our Pro Bowler, Mr. Benjamin Poh
Our Game Freak, Mr. Isaac Tan
Our Most Beng, Mr. Law Zheng Ping (Sheep)
Our BB CHI, Mr. Clement Sii
Our Naughtiest Boy, Mr. Leonard Bong

29 October 2006, Sunday

Yoohoo~! First, Mr. Law and Mr. Leonard come to my house and 3 of us waiting our beautiful Da Jie, Miss Jovynne to pick us up. Around 8pm, Miss Jovynne and Mr Isaac come with Proton Iswara. We then head to Riverside to meet another 2 fellows.

When we reached, we gather up together with Mr Benjamin and Mr Clement. We then start our fellowship with playing Bowling at Riverside Bowling Centre.
We split into 2 groups--->
Group 1 {Ben, Clement & Leonard}
Group 2 {Me, Sheep, Isaac & Jovynne}

We assume tat Group 1 will be the Pro team and Group 2 will be the Noob team. It's so funny in our Noob team... All dunnoe how to play one.. but seems tat im the most PRO in the Noob team.. hahazz. Ben get 2 strikes and 2~3 spares while Clement get 1 strikes and 2~3 spares also i think if im not wrong. So pro man.. But i also got 3 spares leh.. hahaz not bad leh.. and isaac got 1 strike. Cool man~! As for Jovynne, She is too 'Yiu Siu' to play bowling.. hahazz but she can throw the bowl with her nice pose... hahazzz.

After that, around 9:30 we, 7 ppl decided to go for a drink. We all then squeezed into Jovynne's Car with 2 ppl at front seat and 4 ppl at back seat and of coz 1 ppl at 'driver seat?'.. lolz and u know wat? Ben and Sheep squeeze at the frontseat.. HAHA so funny.... we then stop at Chilax @ Jalan Song to yamcha. The place was quite nicely decorated.

When we arrived, there were only 3 other tables occupied. Since there were so many of us, we were "escorted" to a corner table (where 7 of us could fit, haha, becoz the rest were mainly four-seaters), where we were required to take off our shoes and sit crosslegged like the japanese. hahazz but it's gud becoz we got pillows and something like carpet to make us more comfortable... xD~! the woman who took our order spoke rather quickly and kinda "high-pitched". after moments of choosing and choosing, we FINALLY made our orders. I ordered Espresso Chocolate Milk which cost rm7.. woah.. expensive rite? but ok lar.. since got aircond inside so nice and many entertainment thingy.. =)

Leonard and Jovynne then went to pick out a game for us to play. Initially we wanted to play Singapore Monopoly, but after a unexpected incident, we ended up playing scrabble instead! (Actually we were halfway playing monopoly, and i was the one with the most money! er, $4000 more than the other players!! (because we just started and was rushing to move 1 round 1st and i pass the "go" and cun cun hit the 'chance' thing and i got this msg---> Band Error, so i got another $2000.. hahazz) but..wad to do.. our super naughty boy aka Mr Leonard accidentally knocked over Jovynne's cup and poured the "poison acid" on the monopoly board!! guess he dislikes Singapore.. the "acids" was spilled all over!! luckily the monopoly money didnt get wet. tsk tsk, naughty boy. we were so paiseh.. and we kept apologising to the owner.. haha..) We then played scrable. Matching words were so funny. We all kept laughing and kept dun letting our opponent to drop their words as they wish... hahazz . We played for really a long time. I was in a group with Jovynne, Leonard was with Zheng Ping, Isaac was with Clement, and Benjamin was on his own, coz there were only 4 players/groups allowed.

It's 11:30pm already! oMG.. we stayed at there for around 2 hours!!! hahaz.. i don't even know it's so late already.. we then quickly pay our 'debt' and Jovynne pick us all back. I do enjoyed myself with them throughout the fellowship. Hope that we can have another same fellowship again after SPM and go visit the Chilax once again =)


5 Cute Aliens Shouted:

Anonymous JovynNe shouted...

hehe.. last nite was fun hoR? (except for the spilling part. ahem leonard owes me a drink!!) but i kept "giving away" free words to zhengping and leonard. sigh.. stupid me. but luckily not we lose :) we make a good team. aiyo.. the word IRAQ we didnt put.. ur fault! otherwise.. we beat isaac and clement!! hehe..... must go again some day! this time.. make it earlier yeah? :) take care~

October 30, 2006 10:16 PM  
Blogger YeonG shouted...

hahahzz yeaps.. very fun lar.. hahaz... i kept laughing ah.. hahazz yealor!! IRAQ!!! 10 marks for Q and we can place it on Triple letter!! den we shal get 30+!! haiz.. hahahazz ok.. next time we go again.. =)

October 30, 2006 11:36 PM  
Blogger c13m3ntS1s shouted...

yo yo~~ i sneak into them tat nite.. hehe.. so fun.. dunno y tat nite so lucky, bowling can play till tat but at the end, fortune-wind blew away liao.. i'm not gud in playing scrable, isaac so pro wif it.. haha.. sry ah, mah huan jovynne send me home so far.. sry n tq..

October 31, 2006 10:28 AM  
Blogger Benjamin shouted...

erh????where's comments????i did submit lerh.....anyway,nvm....i 4gotten wat i wrote liaw...erm....hehe.....1 of d best fellowship wit my fellow frens...hehe....havin fun time in d car,was laf-in all d way...haha...especially bt d front seaters...hehe.....

October 31, 2006 10:50 PM  
Anonymous jovynne shouted...

no prob, clement. but the road to ur house was a long long way. haha. we were afraid we'd get lost halfway! but anyway, it was all fun rite? :)

November 02, 2006 12:24 PM  

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