Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mooncake Festival`!

Yoohoo~! This year's Mooncake Festival just like a celebration for those PMR candidates because it was the last day for them! Congratz to all PMR candidates for finishing your exam!

Ok` talk about mooncake festival... hmm... this time de mooncake festival not much ppl play lantern! i roughly cant see household got hanging any lantern! ahhhh so different with last few years. Mayb coz of the haze so they dun play lantern this year? Shud be gua.. but wat i play this year u noe? NOT lantern!! its...........

hahazzz.... yea.. we played candles!!! xD

This year mooncake festival, i celebrate with my family and my friends at my house. Lian Shen, Swee Hian, Cindy, Isaac, Ju Shiu, Elton and Derrick came to my house celebrate together! just like a fellowship!! hehezz

Let you see what i did with my friends....

yea.... setting up a double-layer heart shape!

Nice? Double-Layer Heart Shape!!!

my youngest sister with 4 of her lanterns which were bought by her at Unimas there!

After that, me and my friends setting up another thing!! and it was......

BB (Boys' Brigade) Anchor! Nice rite?

Me and Isaac and dunnoe who.. hahazz too dark~! @.@

Lian Shen's photo with camera flash ON!

My sister with my neightbour!

Group photo`

Group photo 2`

This is the image stayed at the road after all the candles were fully burned

Hehezzz.... we do this all until 10pm and all went in my house to have a drink and some mooncakes... after tat... all home sweet home around 11pm.... This is how i celebrate my mooncake festival for year 2006... xD

wah.. so late le... *yawning* Time to go to bed! Gud Nite~! Hope you enjoy it!


3 Cute Aliens Shouted:

Anonymous hibiscus shouted...

oh my goodness!!! NICE!!!! i never tot of tht...candles...darn nice ok?! I love the heart. Actually all the shapes were beautifully made. I am so amazed here....*stares at pic in awe* oh man, i shud have hosted a candle party too...=(

October 07, 2006 11:16 AM  
Blogger YeonG shouted...

hehez.. yea!! Can have a try next time lor... but i used almsot 8 boxes of candles to make those 3 shapes.. 2 boxes for the heart, 4~5 boxes for the BB Anchor! oh gosh` so much!! and 1 boxes for the snail made by my youngest sister.. hehez!!

October 07, 2006 11:30 AM  
Anonymous Yiing shouted...

The lantern is not buy from UNIMAS, is from pasar malam there ler....

October 07, 2006 2:56 PM  

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