Tuesday, October 10, 2006

BB changed a lot of my life: Friends

Hello everyone, today i suddenly feel wanna talk some about my BB life. But i dunnoe how i gonna start it and how i gonna talk about it and how i gonna end it! becoz i think it's alot to write if i wanna blog with this. But i just write wat i thinking now then. Hope it won't get bored with all my words... i'll try to add in some of my pictures during BB activities..

Ok. First of all, BB is a 1st uniformed organization which is called The Boys' Brigade. How i join BB? hahazz it's funny becoz when i was in Form one, my school, GRSS wajib us to join a persatuan and a club in order to get GERKO marks. GERKO marks helps alot during semester for the listing! hahazz.. Ok cut it off.. I joined BB with whole my gang from Primary School during form one. We all pakat together to join BB after we went for the exhibition. There's alot of things to play during the exhibition ma so we cincai wrote down our name together as all the BB members were keep asking us to come. Then we cincai cincai write lor and go see see how's BB looks like lorh..

Dik Dak Dik Dak..... almost 5 years had passed. I had join BB for almost 5 years now. Thanks BB had changed me alot in my life. Without BB i think im a ngong ngong person. I learnt so much thing in BB. I learned how to be a good follower, how to be more discipline, how to be a leader, how to lead a group in a competition or any activity, how to organize a camp, how to lead singing during singspration, how to set up a Pancho in forest, how to cook in forest with firewoods, and many many many more until i cant tell ah..... too much liau.. later i write till next yaer ah..

The most important thing was i believed in Christ in BB. No BB No eternal life for me. Without BB, i will never know about Christianity. Thanks God had led me all the way till know. And it's important that i knew so so much new nice friends in BB!!! There'll be no regret to know them! Yea, friends is so so important in part of your life! Again, if i dun join BB, i wont ahve so much friends now i think becoz im a shy person. Yea.. i can share my things with all my good friends in BB during Camps... i like it soooo muchhhh becoz i feel so much better after telling other ppl and it's nice to hear something from them too!! Tat's y i dun like to sleep so early in camp!!!! becoz i wan to tell story or hear story!!! but not so open la.. i only do that when almost everyone were sleeping...

Ahhhh.... i feel so lucky to have all those friends. They realli realli help me alot in my real life. Cheer me up when im down.... owez be der to help me when i need some help.... accompany when im alone? will come find me when im free... ahh.. i feel so xin fu ahh... Hopes this all will never end!!!! Thanks for those friend who were really care for me.... Thanks for those who accept me as their foster bro. Thank you so much.. I won't let go any of my gud friends now! and of course my foster bro n sis.

But 1 thing... if u're gud to me, of course i'll be gud to u! if u're not gud to me, i'll be gud to you too. Depends hahaz.... but if u're too over then i have to say sorry to u. but when i say tat to u, im so hurt also... Sorry for those who i ever hurted them before..... For those who im not know them so well.... please do talk to me and dun ask me go and talk to u becoz im a very very shy person... ahh!! can't overcome my shyness to those who i know them not so well... Please come and talk to me until i know u better so that i wont be that shy...... and sorry again for those who knows me so well becoz sometimes i think i really too over becoz i always talk craps in front of u guys?

ahh... dun think i want to continue again now... scare im not gonna end it later... so i better end it now!! Remember!! FRIENDS IS SO IMPORTANT IN YOUR LIFE AND CARENESS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING AMONG THE RELATIONSHIP!!

Friends! Thank you so much for being my friend. Thank you so much for those who put me in yr best friends list. Thanks for those who always come and find me to let me not feel so alone.


4 Cute Aliens Shouted:

Blogger lianshen shouted...

BB blog hehehe =P
why dont u talk to ppl !!
other ppl also shy ma hehe
u look at.."....."..he also very shy wan/..u as a big brother yeong..u should open mouth 1st ma haha

October 10, 2006 12:24 PM  
Anonymous jovynne shouted...

u shy meh? how come i see u talk so much to me? haha.. u don keke say u shy la. wanna haulien.. u wan ppl GO to u and u dont wanna GO to them...!!

October 10, 2006 5:31 PM  
Blogger YeonG shouted...

aiyo.. i realli so shy one ma.. bo pien... i talk so much 2 u becoz u talk so much to me too ma.. =)

October 10, 2006 7:54 PM  
Blogger Benjamin shouted...

haha...yeong,ur rahsia terbocor........nice photos n blog....

October 25, 2006 12:42 AM  

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